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About Saffron

True saffron (lat. Crocus sativum) is a beautiful purple-violet flower with a beautiful winnig aroma. This is one of the reasons why, in the countries of the Orient, bridal beds are still poured to make the moments of the first married night more pleasant. According to Greek mythology, god Zeus also slept in bed with a saffron. Saffron is also growing in Slovakia. At the time of its flowering, the meadows fully turn purple. In Slovakia, it is a variety Crocus discolor G. Reuss, called saffron of Spiš, which, however, differs from the true saffron used in the gastronomy. As for the use of saffron in the kitchen as a spice, only dried stigmas of saffron flower are used. Stigmas are typically dark orange to deep red. Genuine saffron has only three usable stigmas in each flower, which after drying are the rare spices with rich use in the kitchen. The stigmas are separated by hand and then dried in a special way. So it is no wonder that one kilogram of this spice requires up to 110-170 thousand kilograms of saffron flowers, which one person has to work for about 40 hours..

Although saffron occurs throughout the Mediterranean, the one that is growing in Kashmir, India, is considered to be of the highest quality. Iran is the largest producer with 90-93 percent of the world market. It is followed by Greece, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Morocco and Italy. Due to favorable prices, farmers from several European countries started to grow it, but also in China, Egypt, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, Turkey, USA and several countries of Central Africa.

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Saffron and gastronomy

Food is not only the sustenance that nurtures us, it is also a remedy, which keeps us healthy and our bodies in balance with nature. It is the medicine that heals us in time of sickness. Humanity has been curling around the kitchen for centuries. Modern, traditional, vegan, indian, arabic, turkish, mediterranean .... with any attribute, one they all have in common. Use of spices. Food would not be food without their use.

Spices are the basis for any good kitchen. Ingredients that add flavor, aroma or color to food and have a significant positive impact on our health. And it is the beneficial health effects of saffron, so thatswhy we are offering it to you. They say that a pinch of saffron can do wonders in the kitchen. Only a pinch of spice gives a characteristic persistent aroma, a pungent bitter but highly aromatic taste and even unmistakable color.

The use of saffron in the kitchen is multifaceted. It is used in stews, fish soups, rice, seafood, it is suitable for rabbit meat and asparagus, risotto or couscous. In addition, its beautiful color finishes sauces and dough for various types of pasta. It is also added to confectionery or liqueurs. It should not be missing, for example, in Milan risotto, French bouillabaisse soup, biryani sauce with meat dumplings so popular in Southeast Asia, North African steamed or Moroccan lemon chicken. In India, they even offer you saffron ice cream.

When reading the menus of Slovak restaurants we find that chefs also make extensive use of saffron. Most often cooked for flavoring rice. However, they are often used in the preparation of fish, seafood and meat. In Slovakia you can enjoy eg. grilled octopus with saffron-potato puree, chicken or almond soup flavored with saffron or pasta with shrimp, zucchini and saffron.

Health benefits of Saffron

Food for the Body, Mind and Soul...that we could start, if we are talking bit of health benefits of Saffron. Saffron also describes as a natural antidepressant. Nowdays, people very oftenly look for antidepressants (nervous system and mood-leveling agents) for healing clinic depression. Saffron is one of the natural antidepressants. The main intervention for the medicinal effects contained in its content safranal. For its content, saffron can be used as the most effective herbs against anxiety and depression.

In addition to substances safranal, saffron is also rich in vitamin B - riboflavin. It has always had an impact in medicine. Its users ensure harmonious prevention, receive senses and release risks. And much more, saffron seems to be very interesting, by considering it as an aphrodisiac.

Next Benefits of Saffron

The use of saffron is multifaceted. It is not only used for flavoring food, but also for coloring sweets, dough, butter, cheese, soups or sauces. It is also used as fragrant oil, massage oil or even the most expensive product - saffron oil.

So do not hesitate and enter with us into the pleasant world of oriental spices and enjoy its captivating taste, fragrance and aroma.

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